Friday, November 15, 2013

Everything my children learned they learned from video games!

Persistence - if at first you can't get to the next level try, try again.

French - we bought Pokemon Silver and Gold in France assuming you would be able to play the games in English. You couldn't, but they soon got used to it.

Patience - it took Peter four weeks of patient gaming to free Princess Zelda.

Plan ahead - they've learned to make sure their Nintendos are charged before we go out.

Saving your money - they know when new games are due out and they start saving for them.

Research - if they get stuck on a game they research what to do next on Youtube, look for websites with walkthroughs, or ask one of their friends.

Social skills - having been banned from a few Minecraft servers they've learned not to offend other users.

Making new friends - they've struck up conversations with children in restaurants and on public transport all over the world. Like being able to talk sport, Pokemon is an international language.

Dealing with bullies - they've met those mean kids on Minecraft (griefers) who destroy whatever you build or kill you and then steal your stuff.

Leadership - they've been given admin rights on Minecraft servers and allowed to ban or un-ban other players.

Consequences - they've learned that if you don't play by the rules on Duelling Network you get banned, sometimes for a day and sometimes for a week. They don't like this!

Problem solving - Professor Layton is great.

Taking care of pets - I still remember how upset John was when he logged onto Club Penguin and found that all twelve of his Puffles had run away because he hadn't fed them!

Mum is awesome - I complained to Club Penguin (regarding the above) and they gave him enough virtual coins to buy some more.

Recycling - once you've completed a game you can set it to a harder level and play it again.

Look after your possessions - the first time John left the house with his Nintendo DS he came back without the wallet of cartridges. He lost 8 games, valued at about $50 each.

IT Skills - downloading new packs and maps for Minecraft is quite difficult, but they've figured it out.

Reading - Peter learned the alphabet (at 3) using a Leapfrog Leapster game called Letters on the Loose.

History - Adventure Quest taught the boys about medieval weaponry.

Cheating is dull - we bought Action Replay cartridges that give you unlimited lives etc on games. The boys soon stopped using them when they realised that if the game was too easy it became boring.

Cooperation - a typical Wii Lego Star Wars conversation - "You be R2D2 and I'll be Yoda and we'll take out Darth Vadar".

Delegation - John gets Peter to train his Pokemon for him.


  1. Wonderful post - I remember the famous Puffle disaster. The girls improved their knowledge of flower names from Farmville. I can remember their surprise at Christmas when they discovered that Poinisettia were real plants and looked just like they did on the web. Lisa x

  2. Tonia, I just Love your practical/honest take on life.....

    Its so refreshing in a time when political correctness kills any shortcuts, frivolous self indulgence, and good ole fair play. Love it. Bring back space invaders, binatone and the 'contemporary' 'asteroids'!!!! Taught me endurance, to overcome monotony, hope and that good ole fashioned competition was stimulating and rewarding. Pac man eat ya heart out!!!! :O))))