Friday, October 25, 2013

Hymn book dedications

I pinched this post from the private blog my mum, my sister and I write. We started the blog about 18 months after my Dad died and use it as a sort of family album. The post below was written by my twin sister Lisa. I thought the hymn books were such a good idea I'd share it. Perhaps it's something that lots of churches do in the UK but here in Sydney hymn books are a thing of the past, the words to hymns are usually on a overhead screen.

We have just got new Hymn Books at the church. They get back some of the cost by asking people for £5 to put in a dedication. They put them out at the back of the church so that people can check their entry before they go into general circulation. I told Tasmin (16) that I put the exact dates because then people who are bored during Mass will find themselves working out how old he was when he died or maybe they will get the book and realise it's his birthday or the anniversary of his death and might say a prayer.

We had a leaving Mass for the Youth coordinator last Saturday and the children all got up on the altar at the end and sang  'Our God is a great big God' (with actions). OK there was a bit of bribery involved, but I managed to get Teagan (12) to race down and join the kids on the altar. When Teagan went, 4 others girls from her class followed her. And then we managed to get Tasmin up there as well! It was great - when am I ever likely to see them doing that again?!


  1. I feel so special! Lisa

  2. Any action that helps you and your family deal with the loss of your father is a great idea, and if you think having your father's name and details in the hymn book will motivate a few devout Catholics to pray for the repose of his soul, that is a small amount of money well spent. I occasionally send off a donation to Aid to the Church in Need so that Eastern European or Third World priests will offer a Mass for the repose of my deceased parents' souls. We each have our ways of dealing with our loss and they are all good for us and good for our loved ones. Whenever you may be feeling Flatt, we want you feeling High.

    1. I love to write puns and plays-upon-words but, as an afterthought the next morning, when the heat of the creative moment had subsided, I think my pun in the last sentence.was inappropriate and insensitive given the topic of discussion. My apologies.

    2. To be honest it was the entrepreneurship of the parish that I was impressed with. So it wasn't sensitive. No need to apologise. Tonia